Miel Violet is a 30 year old queer Canadian artist who is largely self-taught and has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She's dreamed of working in the arts since she first found out that somebody had to actually DRAW every frame of those Disney movies and anime she loved watching so much!Miel is extremely passionate about storytelling, positive and diverse representation in media, and cute girls. Some of her favourite things to draw are sapphic couples and body positive art, and her area of expertise is fantasy character illustration.

For work inquiries, you can contact Miel at [email protected], or through any platform she's on that allows you to send DMs.
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Freelance Commissions [2018 - Present]

Since 2018, Miel Violet has been offering her services as a freelance illustrator of character portraits & story scenes for TTRPG campaigns, original fiction, and more. She has also done concept and final art for indie games, and been featured in multiple zines. See "Commissions" for more info on what she'll draw!

Ohohohoujo-sama! - Lead Artist & Character Designer [Dec 2020 - Present]

"Illustrated in the style of ‘70s shoujo manga, with a story that’s Strawberry Panic meets Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ohohohoujo-sama! is a love letter to classic GL/yuri series from the past, and the snooty, mean girls that the genre would be nothing without." - Mia Rosado, Writer & Creator.
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Zine & Publication Features

Blossom: A Hilda Fashion Zine [2020]
Fanzine of illustrations and fiction dedicated to Hilda Valentine Goneril of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
Love at First Fright: A WLW Monster Girl Zine [2020]
Zine of original comics and illustrations dedicated to the romances between monster girls and the girls who love them.

Hobby Comic Artist [2007-2011]

In the past, Miel Violet has thumbnailed, illustrated, screentoned, and coloured several small webcomic projects. She really, REALLY wants to get back into it again, and is available for jobs as an assistant artist, colourist, or screentoner for webtoons when development for Ohohohojou-sama! has wrapped.


[works span from 2019 - 2022]


email [email protected] with your commission inquiry, or see "about" for a list of social media feeds where you can shoot me a DM.

- WILL DO -lewd / nsfw
furry / anthro
armor & weapons
oc pairings & fan ship art
d&d parties
cinematic campaign/story moment illustrations
portraits of real people, couples, families
pet portraits [inquire for pricing]

- WON'T DO -i'll draw a lot of things on inquiry, but i have some hard rules. those are:
1) no NSFW art of or featuring underage characters.
2) clients seeking NSFW art must be able & willing to verify their own age with ID.
3) if a client acts in a sexual manner towards me, the artist, i have the right to cancel the commission without refunding the money paid for the piece. just because you are paying me to draw is not an invitation and does not give you the right to make sexual advances or comments directed at me.
4) no art that is demeaning or dehumanizing - if it feels like a mockery of real life people and experiences, please don't ask me to draw it.

- BUST -
chest & shoulders up. listed prices are starting point and in usd.
sketch, black/white | $35
add color | +$25
add inked lines | +$15

- HALF BODY -waist & thighs up. listed prices are starting point and in usd.sketch, black/white | $70
add color | +$50
add inked lines | +$30

- FULL BODY -from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. listed prices are starting point and in usd.sketch, black/white | $100
add color | +$60
add inked lines | +$40

- MULTIPLE CHARACTERS / CHARACTER TURNAROUNDS -priced on inquiry! if it's for a ship or group, each additional character is full price.
for things such as character ref sheets where there is a front & back view of the same character, usually the back view will be priced at 75% the cost of the front view.

armor / weapons
nsfw / lewd
complex costume designs, tattoos and scars
anthro or furry
lack of visual references / designing a character for you
major revisions
specific deadline (sooner it is, higher the fee)

Vtuber FAQ

Vroid Outfits
Strawberry dress, MILF Hunter tshirt: https://nephalia.booth.pm/